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This clarification text is prepared by mutual data supervisors AVRUPAKENT GAYRİMENKUL GELİŞTİRME A.Ş. with mersis no 010505710290011 and AKSOYLAR MERMER SAN. VE TİC. A.Ş. with mersis no 003070 2143100012 (‘‘PARTNERS’’), that constitute AVRUPAKENT AKSOYLAR ADİ ORTAKLIĞI (‘‘AVRUPA KONUTLARI ÇAMLIVADİ’’), within article 10 of the Personal Data Protection Act 6698 (the ‘‘Code’’) and the applicable Procedure and Guidelines for Complying with the Clarification Obligation.

Your personal data will be collected based on the legal reason for the extraction of the contract in an electronic environment in which you will contact our company using the website, call center, mobile application, online applications, cookies, electronic mail, social media channels, search engines and physical sales offices, reseller channel, sales and marketing department employees, print forms, membership forms and solutions partners, sales offices and the web site in a completely or partially automated manner provided to you during your visit, or as part of any data registration system. Your personal name, family name, date of birth, gender, marital status, number of children, mobile phone, landline, email address, firm/job information, correspondence information, country, property status of your home, budget range for your home, filling up form and photo for competing , video call records, phone records for phone calls, signature and any other personal data you share with our party, ‘‘Conducting Goods / Service Sales Processes,’’ ‘‘performing our services in accordance with the requirements of the contract and the technology,’’ ‘‘requesting and managing our customer relationships,’’ to be able to ‘‘meet your requirements’’, ‘‘conduct due diligence by our relevant business units in order to carry out commercial activities conducted by our company,’’ and again to be ‘‘self-industrialized by the person’’ and ‘‘require that data be processed for the legitimate interests of the data person responsible, without damaging the fundamental rights or freedoms of the person concerned.’’

Based on your open consent, it’s about improving our data, products and services, running our marketing activities, informing you about our campaigns, advertising, promotion, etc. sharing these messages with our companies to send and send them will be processed to better identify you and serve your needs, use photos taken during our services, perform marketing analysis, customize our products to your requirements.

All this data right for you will be transferred and registered in Microsoft Dynamics CRM (‘‘CRM’’); a common, fully or partially automated method owned by ARTAŞ İNŞAAT SAN. VE TİC.A.Ş. with mersis no 00850551300013, AVRUPAKENT GAYRİMENKUL GELİŞTİRME A.Ş. (‘‘AVRUPAKENT’’) with mersis no 010505710290011 and AVRUPA KONUTLARI ÇAMLIVADİ, with your open consent and/or SMS confirming.

The servers that CRM depends on are located in Turkey and are located in the headquarters building of the AVRUPAKENT, one of the companies that make up the PARTNERS.

Your collected datas may be transferred to our principal shareholder, affiliates, group companies, participitations, our supporting firms for service to you, partners, resellers, suppliers, legally authorized public institutions, the organizations in which we operate services, domestic and overseas servers and cloud service we use, individuals and organizations that process data on behalf of the data manager those supporting metrics, targeting, profiling, auditing companies, advertising and promotional agencies, and private persons as Artaş İnşaat San. ve Tic. A.Ş., Doruk Ticari Yatırımlar ve İnşaat A.Ş., Enlem İnşaat Denizcilik Turizm San. ve Tic. A.Ş., Artaş Holding A.Ş., Bemay İnşaat San. ve Tic. A.Ş., Artaş Enerji Yatırımları San. ve Tic. A.Ş., Avrupakent Aksoylar Adi Ortaklığı, Çamlıvadi Adi Ortaklığı, Esentepe Adi Ortaklığı, Forum Trabzon Emlak Geliştirme ve Yatırım A.Ş., Pantur Turizm ve Tic. A.Ş.,to pursuant to the personal data processing requirements set forth in section 8 and 9 of the Act with your open consent.

In the interest of sending a commercial electronic message to your party, an SMS notification will be provided to you, with your express consent and/or with the recording of your personal data to CRM that follows your approval by the sales representative. By your return the code included in the SMS information provided to you, to AVRUPA KONUTLARI ÇAMLIVADİ sales representive, your contact informations will be automatically saved to CRM and processed based on your open consent with aims ‘‘conducting business/product/services loyalty processes’’, ‘‘conducting activities for customer satisfaction’’, ‘‘conducting marketing analysis’’, and ‘‘executing advertising/campaign/promotional processes’’, ‘‘advertising/campaign/promotion, etc. the commercial electronic messaging and sharing of these messages with our service companies, partners, solution partners, advertising and promotional agencies will be handled with your explicit consent to ensure that ‘‘our products and services can be customized and profiled to your demands.’’

Following your approval of these two factors, an SMS will be sent to you as a commercial electronic message to inform you about the new activities/projects of ARTAŞ, AVRUPAKENT, AVRUPA KONUTLARI ÇAMLIVADİ, aiming advertising/campaign/promotion processes. If you do not wish to receive an SMS, do not pass on the incoming code to the store clerk for AVRUPA KONUTLARI ÇAMLIVADİ. If you are registered with CRM and receiving SMS, you can leave the SMS dispatch list if you send SMS to 3172 by typing ‘‘ARTAS’’. Upon processing your request to leave the SMS submission list, your contact data will no longer be processed for this purpose and no SMS will be sent to you. You can change your contact preferences by visiting the https://vatandas.iys.org.tr/ website.

You may submit your requests on all of these issues to AVRUPA KONUTLARI ÇAMLIVADİ, under the Regulation and Accountability Procedures & Guidelines of the Accountant in Charge of Damage,under Article 11 of the Law, which ‘‘regulates the rights of the individual concerned’’; as ‘‘To find out if your personal data has been processed,’’ ‘‘To request information about whether your personal data has been processed,’’ ‘‘To find out the purpose of using your personal data and control if it is used or not suitiable with the purpose ,’’ ‘‘To know third parties in which your personal data has been transferred, whether domestic or overseas,’’ ‘‘to request a correction of personal data if personal data has been missing or mishandled,’’ ‘‘To request the deletion or destruction of personal data”, “To request informing third parties about the process of your personal data that corrected, deleted or mishandled”, ‘‘To object to your disadvantageous conclusions by analyzing your processed data via exclusive automated systems,” “To demand your loss in consequence of processing your datas against law”.

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